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Someone recently sent me some questions to get to know me more as the author of TOML.

I am sharing my answers below. So, here is more about me!

Where did you grow up?

In what used to a really small town called Alpharetta, Georgia. In fact, I still live here and live in the house I grew up in. Bought it from my parents a while back. After growing up and then doing ministry in this area for so long, it really is home right now.

What was high school like for you?

The best way to describe high school for me is this. I was the only guy who played in the orchestra who was on the football team. In so many ways, that’s me. Love being a part of different things. The last season of high school was the best for me. Got plugged into a great ministry which changed my life and got to be a part of bringing FCA back to my county. Super cool that remains today.

How long have you been working in student ministry?

Over 20 years now. Started as in intern in the fall of 1996 with Campus Crusade for Christ working at my old high school. Came on staff. Served for almost 10 years. Worked on staff at North Point Community Church for 5 years. Now serving churches and leaders with Legacy Now.

Small groups have been a big part of your ministry. Why?

God made me this way. It’s my passion and purpose. Before answering your questions, I was having coffee with one of the high school guys in my current group. Every time a group graduates I tell myself I am done. And then God says “go.” So I guess I’ll keep going until He tells me to stop. It’s has been and is the greatest honor of my life to have invested in and investing in the lives of the next generation of leaders. Crazy that some of the dudes are in their 30’s now. Last week I was talking to a high schooler with a parent issue and then got a call from a 30 something year old guy I led when he was in high school wanting to talking about his marriage and parenting. What a ride.

THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE is your second book. Why did it take so long?

Dang. It’s a long, long story some of it very personal and it’s not time yet to unpack all that publically. The Lord has taken my family through quite a long season of some hard things. That’s part of it. The other part is that I really wanted to get this right. I thought it was done a long time ago. Thanks to the wisdom of others, it was obvious it was not. It needed a lot of crafting and chopping. That was hard, the 45,000+ words I needed to cut out were my life. I’ve lived those words and it was not easy moving them out. What was 85,000 + words is now a little over 40,000. The book is much more cohesive now. The other content will land somewhere! I also know God’s timing is perfect. I’ve never been so ready for something as I am to carry this book and message right now.

What do you think your voice is as a writer?

Good question. I am a small group leader at heart. I love students and those who invest in them. I hope that comes out as I write, especially in TOML. I want leaders to know I am with and for them. I’m not writing from theory here, but from the trenches of investing in students and leaders.

What is your goal for TOML?

Simple. I want to help student pastors and leaders who are investing in the next generation do it well. If some student I’ll never meet is led well and then leading others down the road because of this content how cool would that be? Trusting in Kingdom ripples as a result of the book.

Rapid Fire:

Favorite national food chain? Chick Fil A.

Favorite local restaurant? Probably Smokejack BBQ.

Favorite pizza toppings? Usually a supreme kind of pizza guy.

Favorite time of year? No question. Fall. Cooler weather. Football. Chili with the dudes. Love it.

Favorite coffee? Strong dark roast. Why I love the “char-bucks” so much. I do love trying coffee in the different cities I get to do to serving churches.

Favorite band? Ugh. I am a massive music fan, This is hard. For the win, right now I would give it to Tenth Avenue North. Love their authentic hearts for moving others towards Him.

Favorite verse? 2nd Timothy 2:2. It’s become my life verse for not just Legacy Now, but my whole life.

Favorite sport? College football.

Favorite sporting event? The Masters.

Favorite student who has been in your small group? Nice try.

Favorite movie? Braveheart. Freedom.

Favorite author? Max Lucado.

Beach or mountains? Mountains.

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