Student Pastor?

If you are a student/youth pastor in the Atlanta area, I've got a very cool opportunity for you.

Want a free copy of my new book? I wrote it for you!

Thanks to the generosity of those who support my ministry Legacy Now, we want you to come to the book release event on Monday night August 21st and get a free book. You can watch the eclipse and get a free book in the same day. Boom.

The event is on Monday night, August 21st at 7:30 pm at Bridgeway Christian Academy in Alpharetta, Georgia. You can learn more about the event here.

You'll get a chance to hear more about the book and my hope for how it will help you as you invest in the next generation of leaders and students.

No strings attached here. Not trying to do anything but serve you as you serve others.

The content of the book has been shaped from the last few years of serving churches from all across the country. I keep hearing about a need for a practical field level resource to help those engaged in relational ministry. And now it's ready for you.

If you want to join us, it's simple. Just zip me an email at

I'll send you a special code for you to get a free ticket to the event.

I'm thankful for all you do.

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