Who Is TOML For?

THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE is written for anyone engaged in relational ministry.

My specialty is student ministry because that’s what I’ve worked in for the last 20+ years. I wrote this book for student pastors, small group leaders, and those who invest in others.

It’s useful for someone who is brand new to student ministry and also packed full of some practical tips and encouragement for the seasoned veteran.

Some student pastor friends who have seen some of the content have told me that they want to give a copy to all of their volunteers. That’s the idea. I’ve crafted it to be a practical resource to help you and those in your ministry.

For the last 20+ years, I’ve been blessed to have a small group of high school guys He’s trusted me to lead. They are the DNA of TOML. All the small groups, hang times, good times and bad times inspired me to help others.Those years and relationships shaped the content that ended up being TOML.

The book is very much a field guide level resource. It’s not theory. It’s stuffed with lessons, tips. and helpful lessons I’ve learned from investing in others.

I’m dreaming about students today being affected by great leaders who engage in this content. And then years from now those students are leading others.

One of God’s great gifts to me is to have a front row seat of seeing many of those guys who are now investing in others. The investment then still pays off today. Such a great blessing and I want that for your ministry.

So who is this book for? Anyone investing in others. If you are not in student ministry, many of the take-aways will be helpful for you too.

Praying that it is helpful for you as you help others live.

If I can help you and your leaders invest in your students, I would love to! It's why I wrote the book. Zip me an email here and we can start the conversation.

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