TOML Street Team

As of today, we are 9 weeks away from the release of THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE.


Today I want to ask for your help.

If you are someone who has a passion for helping others and you use social media, I need your help. Would you consider leveraging your platform to help others?

Starting soon I'll be sharing a lot of the content and heart behind the book to help others know it's coming on 8.21.

I am self-publishing TOML. I don't have a huge marketing team or budget, in fact this is releasing because of the amazing support team for Legacy Now that has made this a reality.

This street team is an essential piece in helping build awareness for this book. I need your help to do that. You can be the lighthouse to point others towards this book.

To join the street team, you simply need to fill out the application below. In exchange for your help over the next few months, I'll send you a PDF of the book. You'll also have the deepest gratefulness I have as well as the knowledge that you are not just promoting a product. It's WAY bigger than that. This is not intended to just be a book to be sold. It's intended to be a resource that helps and empowers leaders to invest in others well.

Think about this. Someone might come in contact with this book because you leverage your platform to help them become aware of it. What if because of that they engage in it and then jump in to lead others well? Imagine the ripples of that for generations?

That's why I need your help. I'm not trying to sell a book, I'm trusting Him to help resource and empower leaders who are investing in others.

I've believe in TOML with all that I am and have given my life to it's message. I promise to steward your service on the street team well as we trust Him to use TOML to help others live.

I'm asking if you would join me in helping others live for Who and what ultimately matters . . .

You can sign up here.

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