The Title

A few years ago I was on a week long getaway. I was in the midst of dealing with some hard things and a friend graciously let me use a lake house to get away and clear my head a bit.

On the trip I took a stack of books. At the time THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE was very much on my heart and writing, but it was on the front end of what would be a big overhaul.

One of the books I read was called SERVICE: A Neal Seal At War by Marcus Luttrell. Marcus the American hero chronicled by his book and movie Lone Survivor. If you don’t know his story, he was the remaining survivor when his Navy Seal group was ambushed in the mountains of Afghanistan. SERVICE was his follow up book. At the end of this book, he shares some things he could not in his first book because it was not yet declassified by the military. He talks about his rescue and in doing so shares about Naval Para-rescuers. These are heroes who put a uniform on everyday and climb onto helicopters to rescue service men and women who are either injured or even killed, often behind enemy lines. They put their life on the line to help others . . . every day.

They have a motto. In fact Marcus shares about a sign hanging on their meeting room to constantly remind them of their creed. It is this:

“These things we do so that others may live.”


And as I read that fireworks went off in my mind and heart. I have so much respect for what they do, but with my career in student ministry, I could not help but make a parallel. In relational ministry, real relational ministry is messy. It’s not just sitting in a circle and asking questions. It’s not just going to class. It’s life. It’s the good, the bad, and the in-between. It’s going to games and concerts. It’s mourning together and celebrating together. It’s frustrating and life giving. It’s the roller coaster of life when you engage in investing in others. We do it because we want others to live. With Him. For Him. Forever.

t was clear to me. That’s the title of this book. THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE.

That’s why we serve in relational ministry. We want others to be fully alive in Jesus. What if because of our lives surrendered to and trusting Him others would live? That's what I want for your life and ministry. To give it away so that others may live.

That’s where the title and inspiration came from. Excited to be sharing more about the process of getting the book in your hands soon!

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