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Doing something a little different. One of the greatest honors of my life is the generations of small groups of teenage guys He has allowed me to lead. Since those lives and relationships shaped this book, I've asked some of the guys to write recommendations for you. Thanks fellas. You mean the world to me. 

Recommendations for That Others May Live from former students involved in Jason’s ministry:


Jason has been speaking into my life for a long time now and if there is one thing to know about him, it is this: He loves The Lord and has dedicated his life and legacy to serving Christ and making him known. Being a part of his student ministry has changed my life. All the coffee runs, late night card-playing, jokes, and his crazy dog were great. But it was his Christ-like leadership, love, and investment that has impacted me the most.


- Cameron Smith


While I was in high school I had the opportunity to be a small group leader as a part of Jason's ministry at North Point. Jason greatly encouraged me and gave me a vision of how God was using us to make an incredible impact on the lives of our students. While he encouraged me with my group he was also leading a group of my peers, and I had the opportunity to watch him live out the very things we talked about as he loved my friends. Jason can talk the talk because he has walked the Walk. (#badnorthpointpuns)


- Caleb Botta


For anyone who has been around Jason long enough it is very apparent that the Lord has blessed him with a knowledge and wisdom of how to glorify God through relationships. It is only fitting for him to write a book advising others in a category in which he is so experienced. As one of his past students, I can proudly say that many of the lessons he taught me all through high school are still helping me figure out life today.


- Jonny Wills


Jason Carr, a mentor, a friend, a person I could always turn to if I needed him. That is who Jason Carr was to me.


Over the years that I have known Jason, he has helped countless students, including me, start and help grow their faith in a time where having a faith of your own is not very easy. I had the honor and privilege to have Jason as a small group leader and he helped guide me through the struggles that I encountered for four years in high school.


Jason has been a huge inspiration to me, I'm doing what I'm doing today because Jason showed me how to love doing ministry. I love serving student probably because I saw Jason serve so many of my friends and many more!


- Duran Willis


I can recall the first time I met Jason at NPCC.. He was a quirky and highly caffeinated large bearded man. From the length of his beard and the words from his mouth I knew he was wise man, a person to follow, a man of character, and someone to seek counsel and be discipled by. Jason and I have been friends for a long time and I have seen him in the highs and been apart of times where the lows have come. As I have been with him through his times, he has also been there for me more than I could ever have imagined. Jason is a man who is passionate about the next generation and preparing leaders to lead students into a growing relationship with the Lord. He wants it; He yearns for it; and He would do anything to be apart of what the Lord is doing in the hearts of students. I don't only love Jason for his heart and his passion, but for his determination and how he wants so badly to see the Lord's work in his life be spread to every leader who is apart of a student's life. Jason is someone who I turn to for advise and he gives it. Jason is someone who is easy to follow and learn from. His ministry has impacted my life, my friends life, and thousands of others.


- Patrick Casey


Jason was my small group leader in high school and I am now blessed and honored to call him one of my closest friends. For nearly 10 years, Jason has been a voice of encouragement, reason, and honesty in my life. Words cannot express how thankful I am for that. His wisdom and selfless attitude have impacted me in huge ways and I can't wait to see how this book does that for others.


- Brandon Malcolm


I've seen firsthand how Jason's wisdom and teaching can impact lives. His contagious passion for students and ministry is evident in his writing.


- Andrew Stanley


I cannot imagine a person more selfless than Jason Carr. He has found his calling, and he has responded to it beautifully, empowering and educating youth in our community for countless years. Jason has an uncanny ability to make anybody feel welcomed and appreciated, and his witty humor creates an un-intimidating environment that fosters spiritual growth in even the least likely candidates. His respect and sincerity truly changed my life at an impressionable age, and his commitment to discipleship inspires me to this day. I have no doubt that Jason's sincerity will resonate deeply throughout this book, and I am thrilled to see the way that his efforts and his faith will continue to connect with those who are fortunate enough to be exposed to Legacy Now.


- Derek Mount


I have known Jason for many years now. In that time Jason has always been there to lead me in the right direction in my walk with God. You only need to meet Jason once to see he has a passion for student ministry and a talent for it as well!


- Andrew Esparza

As Earl Nightingale said many years ago, one hour per day will put you at the top of your field within three years, within five years, a national authority, and in seven years, you can be one of the best people in the world at what you do. If that's true, I can't begin to imagine what an estimated 5 hours per day for close to 20 years makes you, but that's what Jason Carr has spent in the field of building intentional community with young men. He might have a thing or two to teach the rest of us.

- Blake Wolther

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