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Much of the content in this book has been gleaned from almost 2 decades of student ministry, including the last many years of serving churches and leaders through the ministry I lead called Legacy Now.


Legacy Now which is a ministry that exists to help students live a legacy. We do so by equipping leaders for lasting leadership. It looks a little different with every church/leader He allows me to serve which is cool because every church/leader is different.

I love helping others help others. That's why I wrote this book and it's my hope that alongside Legacy Now, this book will be a great resource to leaders.In fact, much of this content has been road tested with churches and has come from countless conversations with leaders from all across America.

I hope that TOML is a great resource for you, and would love to help you leverage it in your ministry. That's why I am here. Let me know how I can help you do that.

If you would like more information on Legacy Now, please click here.

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